Monday, February 7, 2011

Changes in R71 CCSA and CCSE courses

I have been able to go over new R71 CCSA and CCSE manuals.

Here is a short summary of changes from R70-based courses.

  • Better info about CoreXL
  • IPS chapter removed (pushed to Expert course)
  • Reporter chapter removed (pushed to Expert course)
  • Check Point MGMT DB files better reviewed then before

  • IPS chapter added (was on CCSA with R70)
  • Reporter chapter added (same as above)
  • SmartEvent chapter added
  • DLP chapter added (expected)
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging supplement chapter added (not expected)

To summarize, CCSA gets lighter and CCSE - heavier then before. It is strange that Check Point continues to recommend same amount of days for both courses as before: 4 to five days per course.

As for the exams, there is no information yet, but I would expect them to be changed in the same manner.

I am particulate interested about troubleshooting and debugging questions on CCSE R71 exam. If they are there, it is not so great. Personally I think these subjects to be overkill on CCSE with is already overweight with the new blades.

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