Friday, March 25, 2011

R75 Multi Domain Management - changes in CMA migration

It worth mentioning that CMA migration has been changed since R71.

If you remember, the old way was to collect 5 folders ($FWDIR/conf, $FWDIR/database, $CPDIR/conf$CPDIR/database and registry) and then import the results with cma_import or through MDG.

Nowadays if you try this on R75 you will fail. New operation requires using migrate tool I have mentioned in one of my previous posts.

The process is documented in R75 Installation and Upgrade guide, page 114 and bellow.

In brief, you have to export CMA to .tgz file with migrate export command. The result file will be processes with cma_migrate script used in the command line.

To be fair, this path works from R71 already.

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