Thursday, May 19, 2011

R65.4 is still dead end

As you may mentioned already, R75.10 is recently released.

There were some hopes on the field that this release would unblock some dead end upgrade paths for versions such as R65.4 and R71.30.

That did not happen. There is no direct upgrade to R75.10 from any version bellow R75. You can check out the updated upgrade diagram from here.

It means that someone having R65.4 is still blocked. 

This is quite painful considering R65 is out of support for some time now. Check Point, what's going on?


  1. Hi Valeri,

    I am CCSA R65 and CCSE R65.

    I have certain Questions:

    1) Is CCSE r65 still valid? (I passed the exam on 31st January 2011)

    2) i want to go for CCSE R71 Upgrade. is it possible for me with these crediantials?

    Kindly Acknowledge.


  2. Any certification is valid for at least 2 years after the exam. So in your case you are CCSE R65 till 31.01.2013, or more.

    To get the official information, go to your Check Point User Center profile, Certification page. It should be listed there.

    In fact, considering your CCMA question in the other thread, I would recommend to make CCSE R71 accelerated first, as CCMA is now based on R71.

    Good luck,