Monday, August 15, 2011

Multi-Domain Security and VSX training in beautiful Switzerland

Hi all!

I am planning to run a set of five days training for Multi-Domain Security Management (former Provider-1) and VSX R67. The formal course names are CCMSE and CCMSE + VSX.

The training will take place in our ATC in Lausanne this autumn (sometime in late October or mid-November). The final date will be defined a bit later.

The courses will be provided in English. We will have lots of hands on labs. There will be some extras not included in the original course, such as Multi-Domain Security Management and VSX troubleshooting and best practices.

If you are traveling, we will assist you with accommodation.

The places are limited. We do not accept more than 8 students in the class to provide the best quality training, and some sits are already taken.

To sign in, please use our ATC contact form or just send us an email. Please kindly state "CCMSE + VSX CH" in the subject.

Come over, guys, let's have some fun here.


  1. Hi Valeri,

    how did you find the labs and mistakes within the diagrams and book with IP addressing etc...?
    The last lab instructor notes seem to be missing stuff as well.

    I am beginning to look into the labs as I am to teach this course very soon and noticed really bad errors.

    Do you happen to have an errata or anything to help us here in the UK?


  2. Sorry, forgot to say the errata is for the R67 VSX as the MDM is not as bad.

  3. It is very simple, I am doing my own labs. Frankly, I find official course not being good enough on the practical part, so I am giving my students a bit changed lab assignments.

  4. Hello Valeri, do you have any plans to organize CCMSE training?


    1. Hubert, we can, but we need at least three people in the classroom do it in Lausanne. The main issue with that is that official course is... how should I put is... not optimal.