Thursday, September 1, 2011

CCSE R75 course - be careful, exam is not out yet

I have been mentioned already Check Point releasing R75 CCSE training.

There is one warning I have missed the last time. Guys, R75 CCSE exam is not yet available and expected to be released in the fourth quarter. If you are planning to take R75 CCSE, remember to take R75, not R71 exam. This means you will have to wait after course for an exam to be available.

R71 CCSE course is quite different from R75 one. So is the exam! Most of R71 exam topics are moved to Blade modules with R75.

If you have to certify soon, go for R71 course and exam. If you can wait till the end of the year for certification, you can safely take R75 CCSE course.

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