Thursday, December 1, 2011

First CCSA R75 course in Switzerland, possibly in continental Europe is over

Yesterday I have finished teaching my first CCSA R75 course. It is not only my personal first, it is also the very first course in Switzerland. Due to my knowledge it is the first ever in continental Europe.

Hope my students are happy, because I am.

Course is much better then the previous R71/70 ones. I have spotted only a few errors in the books, minor ones. It is well timed, we have managed to go through all the labs thoroughly.

I hope to see the participants again in my classroom.

I appreciate Dimension Data and Computerlinks to give me this opportunity. Thanks a lot everybody, and especially Yasushi and Mykhaylo from Computerlinks for effective and reliable lab platform.

Update: I have been informed that there was at least one CCSA R75 course provided in UK in early November.  Changing the subject accordingly :-)


  1. Do you know when the R75 exams will be available? thank you!

  2. check point is late on that. CCSE R75 was promised in December 2011, still not here. CCSA R75 will probably be available in 2nd quarter 2012.