Friday, June 22, 2012

DDOS Protector - details are public now

Check Point has finally published details about newest DDOS Protector appliances I was mentioning earlier.

There are 7 different models available.

As Check Point describes, DDoS Protector is capable of stopping today's advanced DDoS attacks including:

  • Vulnerability-based attacks that exploit server application weaknesses including Web, Mail, DNS, FTP, SIP, SQL server vulnerabilities
  • Non-vulnerability-based attacks that misuse server resources, such as
    • Application DoS – HTTP , SIP, and other flood attacks
    • Authentication defeat - brute force attacks
    • Information theft – application scanning
  • DoS/DDoS flood attacks that misuse network bandwidth resources
  • Rapid response and real-time update of custom filters to protect against emerging attacks
  Press Release and Data Sheet for the appliances are available on the product page.


  1. Hi,

    What is the differences about DDoS Protector and Arbor Networks - Pravail APS?

    Is the DDoS Protector statefull or stateless?

    Best regards,