Monday, October 15, 2012

Finally, 10GB HP NIC is supported with Check Point

Miracles happen, even in technology world. I was informed today Check Point finally has  10 GBps optical card supported with HP hardware.

Tree years ago not having any 10 GB NIC supported with Check Point almost killed one of my VSX projects, where HP HW was planned to be used. There was a case with Check Point solution center, multiple meetings with CP executives and other numerous efforts to un-block the situation, and nothing really happened. Check Point han several 10GB NICs, but none of them were made by HP. And as you know, HP does not support "foreign" parts on their servers.

Long story short, that is no longer a case. If you are planning to run R75.40 on HP, you can have this card working in fully supported configuration. If you are running VSX, there is a driver for R67 you must use.

Update: Well, my joy must be a bit premature. According to the official specs, this card is only supported with G6 and G7 HP servers. And as you may know, G7 has end of sales by the October 2012.

Update 2: HP confirmes the mentioned card will not be supported with Gen8 line. Great news, Check Point and HP, great news indeed. /sarcasm/


  1. Where can i find the information about the G7 series end of sale?

    I could not find accurate information about this.

  2. I did that. They said that DL380 G7 series is not end of sale product, it's active and can be ordered currently.

  3. G7 is available till the end of the year, if they have enough on stock. It was announced end of sale by October, with availability till the end of the year.

    We have a huge project depending on this and HP representative on site, dealing with this issue.

    I cannot disclose the company name, but it is a huge international. In our case we have had to get a special written commitment G7 will be available for us till the end of 2012.

    Check you source again.

  4. I was just informed today that the Intel X520 10G NIC with SR optics is supported on HP DL380p G8 with R75.45 or as an seperate ISO with R75.40VS Gaia+.

    The LR og DAC version of the X520 NIC is not supported - but both dual and single port SR version is.

  5. What about the NC552SFP 10GbE 2-port Ethernet Server, it is shown on the Check Point HCL as supported on R70/71/75 and it is also support on HP G7 and Gen8 ?

    1. Hi Fred! It was not available in HCL the last October, when this article was posted. I guess CP made some additional efforts since then.