Friday, March 29, 2013

Removing traces of old versions - new scripts from Check Point

The most annoying disadvantage of upgrade in place is about having old traces in the file system. Basically, each upgrade leaves old product directories, so with every step you have less and less disk space available.

Removing old files manually is not exactly safe, so many prefer advanced upgrade.

The good news is it is no longer the best option. Check Point has two scripts, for MDM and for regular installations, that should clean your system after the upgrade.

Refer to SK91060 for regular systems and to SK65330 for MDM systems. According to the SK, the latter script is already integrated into R75.50 and R76 MDM installation packages.

With these tools one can upgrade in place and still have optimal disk space available quite close to a clean installation.

Finally, Check Point!


  1. Hmm, this is interesting. I've recently gone with a flatline upgrade to Gaia and R75.45 on my gateways, so I am clean there. My plan is to do a Gaia upgrade on the MGMT station to either R75.50 or R76. Of course I need to do the "migrate" process for this but these scripts should keep me in better shape for subsequent in-place upgrades. Thanks for this information.

  2. I'm planning an upgrade to R76 GAiA from R75.30 SPLAT... Considering pros and cons...what's the best approach, upgrade and clean old packets or make a clean install?