Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Check Point announces End of Sales for IP Appliances

Check Point will discontinue sales of the remaining IP appliances by the end of year 2013. That concludes the long and somewhat dramatic history of Nokia Security Appliances Business which was sold to Check Point almost 5 years ago.

Check Point customers may finally concentrate on a single appliance line, with GAIA as the main choice of OS.

With all its ups and downs, IPSO was quite interesting OS. For starters, it is based on BSD kernel while SPLAT and GAIA are based on RH Linux. In my personal opinion, GAIA still has some distance to cover before being as good as IPSO in terms of stability and features.

Anyhow, yet another page of network security history is about to be closed.


  1. GAIA is definitely not as stable as IPSO, but it has some feature improvements that I'd been wanting in IPSO for quite awhile. Overall I like the OS, but I would caution folks on the fence to test heavily before making the jump.

  2. I'd echo that gaia isn't as stable as IPSO. I find myself getting logged out and timed out of pages on the gui frequently. Additionally adding a route on a gaia box a few weeks ago caused the damn thing to hang. Had to get someone locally onsite to power cycle the device. Doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling!