Monday, August 12, 2013

Smart-1 upgrade to R75.40VS fails miserably with grub corruption and other issues

It is the second day on the row we are trying to upgrade two Smart-1 25 appliances from R75.10 to R75.40VS.

On the first trial we were doing SPLAT WebUI based upgrade. It has failed because of corruption of grab.conf that would not allow the machine to boot normally. Symptoms and solution are described in SK66029.

System was not bootable even after reverting to the original image of R75.10, so we have had to apply the solution anyway.

Hoping Gaia would be better, we have tried it now. Guess what? The machine is in a loop: booting and restoring image all the time.

grub.conf seems to be OK, but the system is no longer operational.

Hello, Check Point, any QA these days? We know the upgrade works on VMs, but what about testing your own alliance lines?

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  1. We encountered the upgrade issue from Smart-1 50 Multi-Domain R75.30 to R75.40. We cancelled the upgrade & the smart-1 50 unable to revert to R75.30.

    Called CP, they told us to reset to factory default R75.20, upgrade to R75.30 then perform mds_restore.

    The upgrade was good in VMware Multi-Domain R75.30 -> R75.40 instead