Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stay away from Document security app on iPad

I have had to install Check Point Document Security application on my iPad the other night. I did not want to, but Check Point guys have sent me some secured doc. So I had to. Big, big mistake.

This morning my iPad was fully charged, this afternoon the battery was completely drained. Considering it was just lying on the table half a day, that was odd. Obviously some app was stuck using CPU. So I have managed to charge it again to around 15% and started to kill applications one by one.

When I was trying ti kill Document Security, iPad crashed. I have charged it again, same drill. I could not close this bloody app! More, I could not charge it to a decent percentage anymore. Once charged to 10%, iPad was booting, then some app was eating all the power again.

It took me some tricks to finally kill it. Guess what? Once I have done that, the battery percentage jumped from 9% to 23%.

I guess there is just a few people writing Apple apps in Check Point. I would sincerely ask them to do some QA. SecureKnowledge app is great, but it is crashing with iOS 7. But at least you have other means to get your support cases, one can access them from Safari. With document security one has to use an app, there is no other way around.

So guys, please stop releasing half backed good, that gives a wrong impression. Pretty please...

------------- UPDATE--------------

I have been contacted by Check Point concerning this issues. It seems they could not reproduce it, even after my deliberate explanation of my case. And guess what, my SecureKnowledge app is not crashing anymore. That's a miracle.

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