Friday, August 15, 2014

CCMA is no more or Should I rename this blog?

Have you seen the certification page on CP site lately? If you have not, go take a look.

The funniest part is CCMA is no longer on the list. Although CCMA page still exists on the site, there is no link to it from the training portal anymore. Apparently Master Architect certification is to retire. New CCSM (Security Master?) will come instead. There is not much information about this new certification, but according to Don Paterson's post in LinkedIn, this new exam will not have the lab part.

Now a have a bunch of questions:

  1. What happens to CCMA that is still valid for some years? Will it be converted to CCMS eventually?
  2. When CCSM will be out?
  3. Why Check Point keeps revolting certification process every 5 years? Are they even interested in having something as serious and respected on the field as Cisco certification route?
  4. Should I rename my blog any time soon?  


  1. Q: What happened to CCMA?
    A: The CCMA lab is no longer available. It is being replaced by the online, multiple-choice written exam for the CCSM. The new exam, when available will be the 156-120.77. The new CCSM should be available Late September, Early October.
    Q: Which is the prerequisite for CCSM?
    A: CCSM will have a CCSE pre-requisite.
    Q: What is the cost of the CCSM exam and where do I take it?
    A: CCSM exam cost has not yet been set.
    Q: How do I pay for the CCSM lab?
    A: Payment will be managed through Pearson VUE voucher system.
    Q: Does the CCMA and/or CCSM certification supersede the CCSE certification?
    A: Yes.
    Q: How can a customer request a 156-100 voucher to register for the CCSM exam?
    A: They are no longer required.
    Q: What is require to recertify/renew CCSM?
    A: CCSM renewal consists of maintaining current CCSA and CCSE certifications. Certification expiration of two years or more automatically results in expiration of the CCMA older than four years.
    Q: Can a person with CCSA NGX R65 take the 156.915.77 upgrade exam to get the new CCSE?
    A: An individual with CCSA NGX R65 must take the 156.215 and 156.315 exams for R75 or 77.
    Q: Where did CCSA 156.215.71, CCSE 156.315.71 and/or CCSE Update 156.915.71 go?
    A: They were replaced with CCSA 156.215.77, CCSE 156.315.77 and/or CCSE Update 156.915.77

    1. Uri, is this a quote? Can you provide the link to this q&a?

  2. Hi Valeri - this is not an exact quote as it is from internal source, so i removed some internal information from it yet the data integrity is guaranteed. I'll ask the relevant person to publish the full Q&A as soon as possible