Friday, April 10, 2015

CPUGcon wanted alive / dead (cross out one option please)

As you may remember, once upon a time it was a CPUG conference.

It was a technical event to share knowledge and experience around Check Point security products. It was taking place in Switzerland and later in Germany from 2008 till 2013. The motto of the event was "we tell the truth and help each other out". It was an actual de-virtualization of CPUG forum community. It was lots of fun. It was practically free of marketing buzz. It was transparent, open, truthful, friendly and independent. It was arguably the best European technical event of the year around Check Point.

What has happen to it? In 2014 Barry Stiefel, the previous owner and maintainer of CPUG forum, has sold his business to another company. Before that, CPUG site was down for some time. The community was in disarray. The time was lost. The idea was practically dead.

But is it dead now, really? CPUG conference as a tech community event and community spirit, is it actually dead enough to be forgotten? CPUG has had some rough time before.

Today the site is back and, since the previous owner is out of the picture, some new opportunities may come around. We could be friends with Check Point, for starters, if you catch my drift. We could continue doing the same, with new people and new ideas. How about it?

I am not ready closing the book on CPUG annual conference just yet. There is still enough time to make it happen in 2015. Are you onboard? Do you think we should try?

This is a call to all CPUG friends and participants to speak out. Please let us all know what you think about this. Just say it, yey or nay.

With CPX around the corner, we would like to meet with all friends of CPUG attending the events in Amsterdam and Washington. If you are coming to CPX, let's meet somewhere and have a chat, have a drink.

Are you in? Are you still in, guys? if yes, follow the announcement. We will fix the time and place a bit later. Hope to see you again soon.


  1. Let's talk on CPX in 2 weeks, we can sort something out.

  2. Hey Valeri, that sounds like a plan. Now that we (Netanium) have the site back up, it would be great to share ideas about CPUG conferences and meetups. Let's chat at CPX.

    1. Josh you must be talking about Washington. I will be in Amsterdam. I am based in Europe.

      But yes, by all means, let's do this

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