Thursday, May 28, 2015

CPX 2015 presentations are now available

Check Point has posted some of the latest CPX presentation on the UserCenter portal. The materials are obviously incomplete: road map and some key sessions are kept in secret. And of course, to access the list of materials, you have to have a UserCenter account.

Some of materials are quite valuable, such as R80 overview or the set "Future of..." slides for Threat Prevention, Capsule and Forensics

Among sponsors presentations I have found something interesting: Indeni. Indeni were not present in Europe but were among US list of sponsors. I have posted about this company in the past. They are having a unique position on the market, as no other vendor is taking preventive monitoring seriously.

Although Indeni's CPX booklet is interesting by itself, I would advise you to get to Indeni web site and register there for the updates, in case you want to see how they approach health checks of security and networking devices made by Cisco, Check Point, PAN, F5 and others.

By the way, Indeni was paying for CPUG member's beers both in Amsterdam and Washington this year. They are the cool guys.