Monday, July 13, 2015

Check Point support plans - quick guide

One of the most challenging things about Check Point is not about technical issues. It is about understanding support processes, getting the right attention and choosing the right support program for one's cause.

I have compiled a short guide to help you in understanding and navigating the support plans and SLAs. Unfortunately this guide is cannot be put into a blog post. Nevertheless you are welcome to read it on my google drive. Here it is.

If any question, comment or correction, do not hesitate to comment down below.


  1. Hi Valery, good overview on a subject which can be difficult to get your head around- a couple of notes:

    Regarding Diamond support it should be stated that on top of a dedicated engineer, there are onsite days included which can be used for training or review of the customer environment. I have been a customer on this supportlevel for some years at a larger MSP and I must say that the price for this services was every well spend as you often avoided wasting countless hours of initial review on SR's.

    Regarding EBS - isn't it required that the customer engineer must be at least CCSE to formally raise an SR with Check Point? If i'm right it should be mentioned as well.

    Regards, Jonas

    1. Thanks for your remarks, Jonas.

      1. Diamond plans may or may not include onsite days. That depends on particular conditions of the chosen plan.

      2. EBS does not put certification requirements onto end customer. That is for CSPs only with Co-op