Thursday, December 24, 2015

Check Point distributive License file is still referring to SecurePlatform

As you may know, some of Check Point code is subject of  GPL and LGPL agreements. While trying to figure out which particular part arethose, I have found that the actual license file is still referring to SecurePlatform and not Gaia.

See for yourself, quoted form the License.txt file at the root of R77.30 installation image:

"For portions of SecurePlatform that are covered by open licenses, such as
the GNU General Public License or GNU Lesser General Public License, the 
source code is available upon request.  Requests for source code can be sent 
via email to"

All other Gaia distributes, R80 public EA included, have the same issue.


  1. That I because SecurePlatform still exists, as their variant of the RedHat Linux stack. Gaia only refers to their application stack (and related configuration tools) above SecurePlatform. I have seen this evidenced in a few point patches we have received that alternately refer to the two terms depending on where the patch is applied.

    1. Please cut me some slack. I know exactly what Gaia and SPLAT are.

      The post is not about their nature. It is about calling the product the wrong name

  2. Per Check Point R&D, this issue is planned to be fixed in the next version after R80 (current name is R80.10).

    1. Thanks Sergei. It would also be good for CP to reply email sent to GLP address. I am waiting the second week now.