Tuesday, May 17, 2016

R80 minimal hardware requirements?

R80 (management only) was released on the last day of March this year. Since then it is slowly crawling into the field. On 25th of April Check Point released the first HFA for it and also replaced ISO installation image with the build T109.

Yet, hardware requirements of R80 management remain a mystery.

We know that R80 management is using a new infrastructure that requires more of everything: CPU power, RAM, disk space. But how much more? What is the absolute minimum? What are the recommended settings? How can one scale an actual management installation? What are the tools to make sure new R80 management platform is good enough and powerful enough to run this latest and greatest version?

These are the question one struggles when considering moving to R80. When can Check Point answers them?

Share your thoughts, please.

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  1. Mystery resolved... The min. requirement for R80 Security Management Server is (min.) CPU 2 Cores, Mem. 4 GB and Disk Space (for the actual install) 40 GB. Hope that helps...

    1. Thanks Darrell, I can kinda guess Gaia minimal installation requirements.

      My point is a bit different. Firstly, Check Point hesitates to get it published. Secondly, I am not sure it would be enough to have anything remotely workable.

      As you may know, performance in R80 is much more important, cause the new MGMT infrastructure needs more of everything.

      Today whoever wants to move to R80 in production needs to consider this carefully. So far, Check Point does not help in the process.

  2. I am running R80 Mgmt on VMware with 4 cores, 8GB ram.
    Machine is running pretty well. With 4GB ram, cpstop/start and policy migration takes long time.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Could not even imagine why you have deleted this :-)

  4. R80.10 Mgmt & GW bundled with java binary post a security concern. R80.10 Mgmt CPM service running with java will be vulnerability patching nightmare...