Thursday, March 30, 2017

Introducing Check Point Expert Talks - CPET

Hi all!

In my previous post I have asked you about willingness to participate in a live seminars around Check Point. I was surprised and humbled by your response. About 25 percent of people who read that post participated in the survey. That is much more than I would expect.

The most popular topics are troubleshooting, optimisation and best practices. Guess what, I am teaching those courses for more than 10 years now.

Teaching a class, even a virtual one, takes lots of effort and is still limited to just tens of participants. Yet, tens of thousands of security professionals could benefit.

There are some public knowledge sharing resources such as and (not so public) SecureKnowledge database. The issue with both is that most if the info there, although extremely valuable, addressing very particular and mostly limited topics. Making a big picture out of those puzzle pieces is an herculean task. One more challenge is that neither platform allows an effective conversation.

Check Point Education Services have a wide network of training partners delivering official courses such as CCSA and CCSE, but they only briefly address some of the mentioned topics.

Something has to be done about it, don't you think?

My goal is to start a new mission. It has to be affordable in terms of personal time investment. Something that I could do in my free time outside of my day job workframe. It should be public and approachable. It should be regular. It should be in a form of an actual discussion, with later ability to recap the touched topic for better understanding.

Here it is - Check Point Expert Talks - CPET

I want to commence running one hour web seminars once or twice a month, on Sundays. I am planning to record the sessions and to put it somewhere participants will be able to access them later.

This is still an open idea, and there are lots of unknown about it: platform choices for both seminar and hosting videos, particular times for the sessions, associated costs and even an amount of efforts to spin this out.

Mission statement and information about a pilot run will follow the next week. Thank you very much for your support and encouragement.

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  1. Love to see it live. Cannot wait...

  2. Something i ll wait like mcgregor vs maywether fight😊

  3. I'd enjoy seeing a talk or twelve on:

    You did it this way in R77 - here's how you do it in R80.