Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Goodbye Check Point, Hello GuardiCore

Today is my last day with Dimension Data. Looking back to almost 10 years of my work there, I want to say thank you for all my colleagues and friends for their support, help and assistance through that time. I felt being appreciated and valued, I have had many interesting projects, challenges and wins. Later this week I will board a plane to Tel Aviv to join my new company: GuardiCore.  I have visited GuardiCore on September the last year while being on vacation in Israel by the invitation of Sharon Besser.  I falled instantly in love with the company, the technology and the team. At that point my departure from Dimension Data was only a question of time.  I am leaving a very comfortable place to embarque on a new exciting journey. I am also giving up my 17 years of Check Point engineering for a challenging world of cloud and virtualization security.  If you are concerned about your virtualized DC security, if you are seriously considering moving to a cloud, private, hybrid or public, feel free to ask for an advice. I will be happy to assist you into putting in place a brilliant and effective security solution - GuardiCore Centra.   I also have to add a note about my personal projects related to Check Point.

With this transaction, unfortunately, I will have to put to rest Check Point Expert Talks.

This blog will remain up, and I am still deciding whether I will continue it as it is or run a spin-off for cloud security only.

Your thought for the matter are appreciated.

Anyhow, wish me luck and stay in touch. We will have yet another good ride, people. This time, to the cloud and beyond.


  1. С Новым Годом, Валера!
    Доброго здоровья и успехов на новой работе!

    с Уважением,

  2. Hi Valeri,

    good luck at GuardiCore! So, do you have a kind of a probation period? You sold your castle in Switzerland in favour of your house in Israel?

    I might have opportunities to visit Tel Aviv. I would appreciate to invite you at a dinner.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi man, sorry for the late reply. I am actually based in Switzerland. So moving to TA permanently is not yet on the radar.

  3. Hi Valeri,

    i would like thank you for your useful blog posts. Also i wish you all the best for your future career