Thursday, July 26, 2018

Future of this blog

To all my readers, subscribers, colleagues and friends,

In July this year, I have re-joined Check Point Software Technologies as a Cyber Security Evangelist. My new role is about developing and running CheckMates communities and live events in Europe and Asia.

I have started this blog as a convenient working notes format, and then with your support and assistance it became much more than that. I have dome my best to share my expertise, knowledge and understanding of security practices in general and Check Point approach in addressing them in particular. I have met with some of you on my workshops, seminars, training events and also on CPUG and CPX events.

Now it is time to take it to the next level.

I am running several Check Point related groups on LinkedIn. In my new role, I have also assumed admin role at CheckMates. I will be going around to meet some of you during CheckMates User Group regional events. I am already having some dates booked for this year around Europe, and there will be more.

However, it is no longer practical to run this particular blog as an independent discussion board. I will keep it alive, of course. But if you want to stay in touch, please follow me on LinkedIn and CheckMates, please.

Thanks a lot for your support and trust, that means a lot.

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