Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Check Point IPS is highly recommended by NSS Labs

NSS Labs has tested 13 different IPS appliances from 10 different vendors.

Check Point was one of them presenting new 11 Series Power-1 appliances with IPS blade. Other vendors are Cisco, IBM, Palo Alto, Juniper and others.

Although the full report can only be purchased for symbolic $1800, some results from it are available on Check Point web site.

It appears that Check Point IPS has the second highest score for effectiveness among other appliances.

This is great result, well done, Check Point.

Hopefully it will help customers to start trusting IPS technology of Check Point again, after the company scared some of them off with SmartDefense.

It is not clear who is the "Vendor A" on the diagram, but my money is on Palo Alto. What do you think?

I  was wrong, Palo Alto is vendor E here, according to their part of the report Wrong link, the report is of August 2010.

Thanks for gessing Vendor A, guys!


  1. I guess Palo Alto is Vendor E if you look at this link

  2. Great, thanks!

    They are NOT vendor A but vendor E, as far as I can see. If I would bet, I lost.

  3. Jukka, any proof link or other reference?

  4. I do have that PDF in my "hands"...

    Also i wonder is that Palo Alto link
    Same test that NSS did in december ?
    Why so....
    When i open Checkpoints test results, there is mentioned "DECEMBER 2010 METHODOLOGY VERSION: 6.1"
    But when i open Palo Alto test results, there is mentioned "AUGUST 2010


  5. Most probably Palo Alto did not update the report yet.

    But you are right

  6. My analysis after reading several news sources (no access to full NSS report)

    A = Sourcefire
    B = Check Point
    C = McAfee
    D = ? (guessing Juniper or Stonesoft)
    E = Palo Alto
    F = ? (guessing Juniper or Stonesoft)
    G = ? (guessing Cisco)
    H = IBM
    I..L = ?
    M = Endace

  7. Hi Fernando!

    Any Justification in regards to Sourcefire? If so, which exact model got the first place, as they have presented 3.

  8. Sourcefire model was 3D 4500 and it was letter A

  9. Letter D was Juniper
    Letter F was Juniper

    Does somebody know wich is Stonesoft... nice to know because all fuzz round AET