Friday, January 7, 2011

My CPUG Europe 2010 materials

In September we have had a privilege and honor to attend Check Point User Group conference in Chur, Switzerland.

I have provided there 6 technical sessions. All materials should be available on the Web, but unfortunately the organizers did not manage to upload them yet.

After getting a number of requests for these materials, I have decided to share my part with you before CPUG owners do that. That is not a sign of disrespect to Barry, but just one of the alternative ways to share the knowledge with ones who are interested.

Here are the files:

Provider-1 Troubleshooting, quick guide
DLP - how to make it right
ABRA - is the magic real?
Check Point road map
Provider-1 Licensing, quick guide
VSX Troubleshooting, quick guide

Please forgive me typos, there might be some.

Enjoy and let me know if any question.

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