Thursday, July 21, 2011

R71.40 - Plugin pain is back

If you have ever tried to use advanced upgrade path within  R65.X family, you might remember, that in many cases MGMT migration with export/import scripts was sometimes failing due to plug-ins mismatch between the source and target installations.

I was quite happy when Check Point introduced R7X migration tools. It seemed to cure the issue completely.

Apparently this is not true. My customer has just tried to import R71.20 MGMT DB into R71.40

Here is the output he gets:

[20 Jul 16:01:32] [ReadFwsetFile] Going to read file '/opt/CPsuite-R71/fw1/bin/upgrade_tools/plugin_pack.conf'
[20 Jul 16:01:32] [ReadFwsetFile] Succeeded to read file
[20 Jul 16:01:32] ..<-- ReadFwsetFile
[20 Jul 16:01:32] [PluginPackCompatibilityChecker::GetPluginPackId] Plugin pack id is: 'R71.40'
[20 Jul 16:01:32] .<-- PluginPackCompatibilityChecker::GetPluginPackId
[20 Jul 16:01:32] [PluginPackCompatibilityChecker::exec] ERR: Failed to get plugin pack ids for source/destination machines
[20 Jul 16:01:32] <-- PluginPackCompatibilityChecker::exec
[20 Jul 16:01:32] [ActivitiesManager::exec] ERR: Activity 'PluginPackCompatibilityChecker' failed
[20 Jul 16:01:32] [ActivitiesManager::exec] WRN: Activities execution finished with errors
[20 Jul 16:01:32] [ActivitiesManager::exec] WRN: Activities 'PluginPackCompatibilityChecker' have failed
[20 Jul 16:01:32] [ActivitiesManager::exec] Designated exit code is 1

 R71.40 migration tool was used on the source. Nevertheless there is a new plugin error, and the import fails.

Hello, Check Point, do you do QA these days?

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  1. because of a big number of the new versions Checkpoint unable to do normal QA to their products. not checking advanced configuration, not dealing with versions, not checking issues after the upgrade. QA problems started in R7x versions.