Monday, July 11, 2011

R75 training and certification to be launched this quarter

It has been brought to my attention that CCSA and CCSE R75 are about to be released very soon.

The courses and exams will be quite different from what we have known before. Please mind the information bellow is not yet confirmed by official sources.

The whole training train is now built on two standard trainings for CCSA and CCSE and some online modules for advanced topics.

CCSA is dedicated to general management subjects, such as basic architecture, management and control principles.

CCSE, on the other hand, will have in depth review of VPN-1 under the hood as well as troubleshooting techniques, CLI and debugging of different products.

All the blades are to be pushed to the additional streaming modules. IPSO and Dynamic Routing are expected to be there as well.

Exams will be held in mixed mode. CCSA and CCSE will remain with PearsonVue. Streaming module exams are expected to be held directly by Check Point and to be provided online.

The most interesting rumor is that to maintain your certification you will have to take one or two streaming modules every year without necessity to do CCSA/E, accelerated or not.

I am looking forward to have this information confirmed officially. We do not have to wait for too long now.

If all this is true, we face yet another Check Point training revolution, affecting both certified professionals and ATCs.

I bet not every ATC will be happy to have Check Point taking business from them with streaming modules.

Will see it very soon, guys.

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