Tuesday, January 31, 2012

R70 to R75 upgrade - resolved

Hi all!

In one of my previous posts I have mentioned some troubles concerning R70 to R75 upgrade, blaming (together with CP support engineers) IPS database.

In fact the issue was related to something completely different. The customer has had a time object, like one on the picture.

As you can see, the second, not the first "Restrict" checkbox is enabled. If the first checkbox is not marked, this object causes policy compilation failure on R75. Mind it was working just fine on R70.


  1. hello! very interesting your blog! :-)

  2. Good find -- did you come across this with trial and error or was there something in fwm.elg that led you to this object?

    The policy push errors from your previous post certainly look like IPS issues.

  3. Well, it was a long way. Customer could not debug his environment, so we have had to isolate a certain policy rule making problems. we were disabling rules one by one till found the problematic. That it was just a matter of removing objects from it. Once "bad" object was identified, we have managed to see when it was not working.