Monday, March 5, 2012

The qurious case of CCMA certification

Last year I have mentioned CCMA certification twice: in January and in May.

The first post was about CCMSE to be a new per-requisite for CCMA certification.  Later that year I had to make a second post about CCMSE being just a recommendation and not a requirement for CCMA.

It would be unwise to think the story has ended there. Behold,

CCMSE is back. You have to certify both MDM and VSX to be able to continue to CCMA path.

Dear Check Point. Please make up your mind and stick to it.

Sincerely yours,..

P.S. Just after I posted this I have found a great post from Danny Jung: CCMA's diary. That's a great one, take a look.



    This link still shows "CCMSE recommended"

  2. So there is an issue with CP internal communication than. The link I have posted about does not have "recommended", it says required.

  3. Want to start studying for the exam however, looking to set up a lab that can help.

    Anyone has an idea of what setup is needed.

  4. Lab info us subject of NDA, and it is not publicly available, to my knowledge.