Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Next Generation security features - are you using them?

Next Generation firewalls - this term is buzzing for some time now. In Check Point world it is presented by the following features:

Application Control
Identity Awareness

What features from the list are used in your security systems? What about your customers? Thanks for sharing


  1. We are using Identiy Awarness and Application Control. I find it IA very useful when defining Rule base using Access Roles. We had several auditors come to our company (Internal and External) and all of them were very satisfied with content of our log data (AD users and AD machines names).

  2. Hi Valeri,

    I do not know if blogspot.de has a reporting tool for the posts (visitors statistics per posts) but wordpress has.
    I have a page at wordpress called itsecworks.wordpress.com.
    I created one or more posts per firewall feature and in the stats I see which one was opened and how many times. I would create some interesting and detailed posts on the new features then I would see how often they are opened. On my site the top 3 posts are about troubleshootings and debuggings and the good old openssl :-). Or you think the stats does not show the reality?