Thursday, May 3, 2012

CCMSE is not required to pass CCMA after all

Hi all!

For some time I have been posing about CCMA prerequisites in this blog, more than once. Forget what has been said.

I have got a message from Ken Finley, Check Point Certification Program Manager. It is about my inquiry about CCMSE being a prerequisite for CCMA certification. The final official answer is CCMSE NOT REQUIRED.

Here is the short email conversation we have had:

VL: What are the prerequisites for CCMA? It is stated on the web site that CCSA, CCSE and CCMSE are all required. Is this indeed the case? Is CCMSE mandatory for CCMA?
KF: To be eligible for CCMA now, requires CCSA and CCSE r70 series. CCMSE is not required but highly recommended. CCMSE is now both MDM and MDS.

VL:Website still has CCMSE as a prerequisite. Is it an error? 

KF: Affirmative!

So, lads and gents, this sums it.

CCMSE is recommended but not required, Check Point Web site states it wrong after all.

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