Monday, January 21, 2013

Crossbeam passes Check Point in a BlueCoat

BlueCoat has announced the purchase of Crossbeam. The great drama of Crossbeam is now at its end.

It all started in 2011 when Check Point has announced 61000 appliance. Days of Crossbeam being a dominant of High End Check Point firewall vendor were obviously counted.

We all have heard stories and arguments about why Crossbeam should remain, about technology and features, about performance and advantages, but finally Crossbeam went to the market looking for a new partner.

As one of the Crossbeam certified experts, I admire their courage and spirit. I have liked the technology, and I have liked the people. I was very concern for them to go under and I am happy to see they have found a new business now.

Irony of this situation is that Crossbeam had suffered Check Point partnership twice.

First, there were C-series, the very first Check Point branded UTM appliances. They went extinct when Check Point had developed taste for its own UTM business. Crossbeam survived, with X-series. Not for long too long though.

I hope BlueCoat Will takes good care of them. I hope the people remain and the technology flourishes. 

All the good luck guys!

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  1. Crossbeam's problem is that is extremely expensive. Yes, it might be targeted for very large customers, but those are not that many, and with today's general computing power available in vendor "appliances" they are at a loss...