Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Israeli Ministry of Defence chooses Fortinet over Check Point

According to the report of Israeli Calcalist (Hebrew) Ministry of Defence in Israel is abandoning Check Point for Fortinet.

Considering Israeli Ministry of Defense was one of the first loyal customers of Check Point, this is a very unpleasant event for CP and a huge win for Fortinet. I hope upper management of Check Point taks this as a wakeup call, after series of similar situations with other customers around the globe moving away to other, rather less expensive, solutions.


  1. I can't believe that an Israeli ministry takes that decision

  2. I wouldn't believe everything I read if I were you...

  3. Coming a bit late with the comment but this doesn't surprise me. I have been a witness of many migrations from Check Point to other platforms/vendors. Even some which my company has sold to others, we were hired to replace them with Cisco or Juniper.

    1. well, as other people mentioned in the comments, we do not really know whet happened, if anything. this is just one and only article, and it is not exactly clear if it is true.