Thursday, October 23, 2014

CPUG 2015 - let's make it happen

Do you miss annual CPUG conference? I do. Today, with the new owner of, it is time to plan it again.

We as CPUG community shell make it happen. Here are some questions for you, please take a minute to respond:

1. Did you participate in CPUGcon in the past? Are you going to participate in  CPUGcon 2015? If yes, will you invite and encourage to participate you colleagues, friends, clients and partners?
2. What would be ideal location for you? Mind we are talking about European event.
3. Could you help CPUG to find the best suitable location? We would like to accommodate around 80-100 people. We might need one or two conference rooms, with some reasonable priced hotels around and not too far from an airport. Any thoughts?

All, please feel free to share your opinions and suggestions. 


  1. Hey we are interested, can you contact me?

  2. Hey Valeri,

    Interested as well. I saw a message on the cpug board saying it'll be in Munich, correct?

    You know where to contact me.