Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Static routes issue with R75.47 on 13500 appliances

I am in the middle of preparing FW migration for one of my favourite customers, who wants to replace open servers with 13500 to benefit multi 10GB connectivity.

One unexpected thing on the way was configuring new static routes on these appliances after clean installation of R75.47. I have tried both CLISH and WebUI, but routes were not in effect. I could see routes in the WebUI but not on clish with "show routes" and not on expert with "netstat -rn". It was like routes were never making it to IP stack. I have seen that on early Gaia versions, but on R75.47 it seems impossible, right?

It took some time to triple-check all the settings. It was all properly configured, except for a default GW that was never  defined. I have punched it in, still unable to see any static routes defined on OS level.

Only after installing a driver fix from sk99113 and consecutive reboot all static routes start appearing and working.

I have checked this situation on the second appliance. Strangely, static routes were not appearing even after drivers installed, if default GW was not defined.

So to configure static routes properly on 13500 running R75.47, one has to have two things done:

1. Drivers from sk99113
2. Default route in place

The only explanation I have for the matter is that 13500 with R75.47 was never a part of QA cycle. 


  1. Second one isn't related to specific appliance, actually it's a well-known issue of routed daemon.

    I've encountered that on 4400 (R75.47). There was no static default route configured, as it was supposed to be announced to a gateway by OSPF. And OSPF didn't work due to routed crash.

    Take a look at sk72201.

    1. Well, Max, there is no dynamic routing in my case. Still, with default GW in place it did not work before driver update

  2. Bonjour. Je recontre aussi des problem sur mon appliance checkpoint 4400 R76. En effet deux réseau son configuré sur l'appliance. Mon réseau local et celui de mon FAI. Quand je configure la default gateway dans set default gateway, j'ai un message d'erreur Unreachable Network. La gateway point vers celui de FAI.