Thursday, March 19, 2015

Does Check Point buy another startup from Shlomo Kramer?

Israeli financial newspaper "Calcalist" has published an article claiming Check Point is about to acquire Lacoon Mobile Security company - one of the security startups funded by Shlomo Kramer (Hebrew).

Lacoon Mobile Security is specialises in mobile device security solutions. Check Point is making lots of efforts to dominate this part of the information security market, so this acquisition would make a lot of sense.

"Calcalist" is also reporting that Check Point is bying Lacoon Mobile Security for $80 million.

Neither Check Point nor Lacoon are commenting on this so far.

The same sum was reported by the newspaper for previously mentioned acquisition of Hyperwise, although in this article Calcalist claims the Check Point only paid $60M.

As you may remember, Shlomo Kramer was one of the Check Point founders but left Check Point in 1998. He is arguably the most prominent Israeli investor in the security technologies field. He has founded Imperva, invested in PAN and several rather successful startups in the filed of information security.

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