Monday, April 27, 2015

R80 and other promises of CPX 2014

I am about to fly to Amsterdam for CPX 2015 event, and I am thinking about promises made the last year.

Most of them were delivered. Most of them but the new management.

R80 is being delayed again. The new management server with ability to maintain multiple write admin access, scalable, with completely different user experience is nowhere on the horizon.

We have expected it to be available on May 2014, then October 2014, then beginning of 2015. Nothing really happened.

The reason for the delay is more or less clear to me. It is a piece of work to replace the whole management engine of something complex as Check Point firewalls. One has to ensure backward compatibility with all existing enforcement points while putting in place brand new architecture and new technologies. On top of that, the new product has to provide usability on the level not lower than today. Check Point is known for the best administration experience, and this situation should be only improved.

There were other announcements on the last CPX: Mobile security, ThreatCloud, Threat Emulation, InteliStore.

These are the promises kept and delivered. I hope Check Point will do its best with R80 to release it in the nearest future. I am quite curious to see the road map 2015. I hope there will be something new other than repeating R80 key notes.

We will know in two days.


  1. How are they proposing to do multiple write admins? I could see one write admin per policy, but even that could get complicated with database changes.

  2. It is locked per rule or per object. You do not have to lock the full policy

  3. In addition, when it released, Iwouldn't suggest to deploy R80 in production until the first Jumbo HotFix.