Thursday, January 14, 2016

Check Point promises an interesting year

I have just returned from Check Point Sales Kick-Off event in Barcelona. Although most of the news we have heard there will be public later on, one thing is clear: year 2016 will be quite exciting for Check Point partners and customers.

Some big things are just around the corner, and R80 is only one of them. New mobile security solution is fantastic. Software-defined-anything is moving forward quite fast. Security policy logics are about to change. More products and solutions, more power.

I also expect lots of work around learning new tools and products. Check Point is working on new CCSA for R80, and more advanced courses are to follow later.

If you want to catch the wave, do not hesitate to sign into R80 public EA. More feedback we could provide to Check Point better will be the product.


  1. Hi Valeri, thanks for those informations. I´m very curious about all the news for 2016.

  2. Valeri - is there actually a EA/Beta program available for - eh, public? As far as I know it's only available for registered partners??

    1. There are public and private EA programs. R80 is now available for every registered account at User Center.

      This mode is called public EA. There are also private EA programs, where pre-release code is available for selected customers only.