Monday, February 1, 2016

Next phase of Check Point Video Nuggets series needs your support

Hi all!

You may have seen already the first series of videos in the Check Point Video Nuggets series. Up to date these short videos were viewed almost more than 2200 times.

I received lots and lots of your emails with praise, criticism, suggestions and questions. That you all very much for your support.

In some of your emails you have asked about the promised Troubleshooting series. I am still planning to do those, but it is clear I cannot produce them at the same pace as before. They require much more work and preparations.

For the previous nuggets it was taking me about three days to compile 3 minute video. It will take even more for troubleshooting, as the material is more advanced and requires lots of preparations.

I am also not exactly happy with the quality of the video materials I am able to produce today. I am learning on the way, but it is not only lack of skills. It is also about tools.

I need better mikes and sound processor, a decent 4K camera, good video editing software and lots of disk space for storage of the materials. Some of that I have purchased already, but that is not enough.

My budget estimation for the tools as around $5000. It is materials only, my efforts are still free of charge. I was trying to find an interested partner who would support the project financially, but it did not work out, and least not yet. I have even considered starting a crowd financing project on one of the well-known sites that would allow funds to be released even if the goal was not achieved.

Any kind of support, although minimum, will help the cause. If you like the series and want to see continuation, please consider donating via

UPDATE: some people tell me that is not available in some countries. If this is the case for you and you still want to make a donation, please use regular paypal money transfer with the following email: cpvideonuggets(at)

Thanks a lot,
yours truly...

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