Tuesday, March 15, 2016

R80 is not expected to make a dent, business analysts say

Cleveland Research Company (CRC) released a new security market research. The report is not available publicly but can be purchased at CRC web site.

R80 is mentioned there several times. In a nutshell, business research analysts are not impressed with R80 capabilities and do not expect a significant difference on Check Point market status after its being released.

Here are several quotes.

R80 not expected to be catalyst until 2017
R80 should be neutral or slightly positive for growth, if it is positive, great.

It seems Check Point should be more active and self explaining in highlighting the novelties and advantages of R80.

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  1. In terms of management though, it's a great step forward. Multiple users on a same domain with RW, integration of sub-policies, speed, logging tabs, API,...

    1. Of course it is, Alexandre!

      Just for the record, business analysts care about company market performance which may or may not be affected by a new product.

      The article is not about techology.

    2. You're absolutely right of course, but long-time lurker, first-time poster, I got carried away and pressed "Send" before finishing by something like "it's probably not the main concern of business analysts".

      This said, I may agree with the fact that R80 in itself isn't probably the greatest sales incentive, but the latest tech released by Checkpoint is. From Sandblast blade & client, client mobility & to the latest 15000/23000 appliances that are pretty much best-in-class, R80 is icing on the cake and shows the company's commitment to continued evolution, which is for me a great sales pitch by itself.