Friday, February 10, 2017

CCSM, more warning signs

In my previous post I have started to write about issues around CCSM certification with Check Point. As said there, if your CCSM certificate expires soon, you will not be able to renew it, as no new exam version is available yet.

Since then I have been approached by several people with questions and stories about their own CCSM certifications.

Surprisingly, I have realized there is a mess with CCSM certification period. While majority of CCSM professionals have got certificates valid for two years only, some others got four years of certification.
Here are some stories.

CCSM certification extended for two more years.

A colleague of mine passed CCSM exam in 2015. As soon as the qualification had appeared on his profile in UserCenter, he downloaded his e-certificate PDF. Earlier this year, when the company was updating its partner status, he checked his status, and UC said, his CCSM expires early February 2017. That statement was also backed up by e-certificate he downloaded again. Now, here is the twist: although e-cert downloaded in 2017 shows two years of CCSM, the older 2015 e-cert has four years. Most interestingly, his certificates have the same name and ID number, but different expiration dates. Later on, my colleague has raised a ticket with account management, and after sending them 2015 e-cert he has received two year extension.

2017 CCSM get four years

Someone who asked me not to reveal his name said he has been granted CCSM for four years at the beginning of 2017. Same situation is mentioned in the comments to the previous post by one of my readers as well.

Trying to get to the bottom

Being surprised by the inconsistencies, I have put my investigative blogger hat, trying get to the bottom of the truth. I have reached out to Shay Solomon, Director of Education Services at Check Point, asking for a clarification. Shay has answered that CCSM is valid for two years only. My next question was, how comes some people get four year of certification.

Then something strange happen. Shay has asked me to provide the names of my sources. I have made several attempts to get more specific information and then even acknowledgement of the problem's existence and Check Point plans to fix it. Instead, all I have got was "We will look into in".

So here it is, folks. Check Point not only fails to provide means to maintain CCSM status without interruption, but also cannot decide if it is valid for two or four years. The Director of Education Services says two years, but people get certificates for four.

At this point I do not know the gravity of the situation. To assess it, please let me know if your current CCSM has two or four years. Please check both your e-cert you have downloaded and UserCenter status, as they can show different things.

As the issue might be quite delicate, please do not use your real name in the comments or, alternatively, just send the info to my private email address: "varera (at) gmail dot com".

Most importantly, if your e-cert shows four years, keep it in a safe place. You may have to appeal later, if CP takes some sort of a corrective action.

I will continue writing the story as it develops.


  1. even better, mine is not even listed in the user centre :P

  2. But i found the email it was added in 2016 and valid for 2 years... fyi

  3. Funny that if you supply checkpoint with 15 valid questions for R80.10 CCSE exam, you can now extend your CCSM with one year.

    1. I am pretty sure it is some private arrangement open for ATC instructors only. Also, it is new to me that you can extend CCSM by supplying CCSE questions.

    2. Hello Valeri are you on the CCMA/CCSM DG from Check Point? Tugwell is the new education Manager. Ping me on Linkedin and I'll send you the group email address.

    3. Hi Lloyd, I am pretty sure I am. Your point is..?

    4. The offer for the question submission is for everyone... however imho this should not be the solution to this issue either.

  4. I also get the request to send 15 questions for CCSE R80.10 to get the the CCSM extended. And I'm not a ATC instructor.

  5. Valeri,
    It is not just at that level. I am trying to get the CCSA for r80, I have failed the test twice. The test was several quarters late to begin with and the resource information is horrible. As a CCSM, do you have any suggestions for an individual that has been working with Check Point about a year and has been to the "class" for R80 training and there is no other training materials except Test King. I know Check Point keeps a tight grip on the test material but their stuff stinks.

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  7. The whole thing is a mess. I got my ccsm for 4 years, which made no sense either, but when I contacted CP about it, I was told not to worry about it...typical CP response for everything.