Friday, February 24, 2017

Check Point breaks silence about CCSM issues

In my two previous posts I have I have shared my views about lack of continuity with CCSM certification and some other inconsistencies.

I have also reached out to Check Point Education Services for comments.  Wednesday afternoon new certification manager Jason Tugwell called me to make some comments of the situation. Following that call, hi has sent me an official response that I am happy to share with you now. This is what he has to say:


Thank you for speaking with me yesterday.  As a recap of our phone call, I would like to respond on behalf of Education Services to the issues we have had with the CCSM.

We agree that there are 2 primary issues:
1.       The inability to renew the CCSM since there is not a R80 CCSM currently
2.       Inconsistency of CCSM certification lengths of 2 years and 4 years

Response to #1 
·         We are aware that we have not released the R80 CCSM as intended.  As we await the official release of R80.10 we are currently working on an updated CCSE for R80.10 with a CCSM to follow.  Shortly after the release of R80.10 we will be releasing a CCSM with an update plan for the CCSM community.  In the interim, we have come up with a plan that will satisfy both the need for a quality CCSE and a way to extend the CCSM certification.  To any CCSM expired or not we have extended an offer to partner with CCSMs, via our email distribution group, to participate with the R80.10 CCSE exam question development.  This is an opportunity to contribute to the CCSE exam and extend the CCSM certification for 1 year.  We believe the CCSM community can contribute to make the exam a solid product with challenging skill.  If you are a CCSM and not part of our email distribution group, contact Jason Tugwell for more information.

Response to #2
·         We have identified that there have been the errors with CCSM certification listing two different validation dates, 2 year or 4 year.  This inconsistency is still undergoing investigation, however, it appears that it was a clerical error that has affected a small percentage of the CCSM’s.  We do apologize for the error and the confusion it has generated nevertheless, going forward all CCSM certifications will be a 2-year certification as intended.  (See the Check Point Certification FAQ: All professional certifications - those taken in a proctored exam environment - are good for, or considered “Current”, for two years.)  When the investigation is concluded, we will alert the community.

Let me express my sincere apologies for any issues this has caused and my gratitude to the network of Check Point Certified professionals that are interested in maintaining their certifications.

Jason Tugwell “Tug” 

Thank you for your response, Jason. I will continue monitoring the situation and will share with the community any further development.

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