Thursday, October 22, 2015

Video Nuggets: Troubleshooting series dilemma

I was about to start working on troubleshooting series as part of Video Nuggets project, and then a thought hit me.

Should I do it now, when R80 is just around the corner?

R80 will bring significant changes in every part of Check Point infrastructure: GUI, management server, gateway. Some fundamental changes are to come, including rulebase match logic.

Do you really need R7x materials today? Would it make sense to do "classic" troubleshooting now and then amend series to cover R80 changes?

Please let me know what you think.


  1. I guess, troubleshooting R7x will be useful for at least a few more years. Lots of customers will keep their systems not updated and we will have to deal with those.
    For example, I have a customer using R65 now.

  2. I agree that with all the fundamental changes R80 will have slow adoption.

  3. Information about R7x will be always valuable, I do not think R80 will be transitioned so easily into company's platforms. People will start migrating after at least 1 year of the new software release.

  4. I totally agree, we wont build R80 for our customers also, we have two MDSM 77.30 and they stay in this version for few years at least.

  5. Since R80 will have completely new internals, it will have lots of bugs as well. Productive environments will stay for some years on the known stable R77 versions, while R80 will show up in Lab environments primarely.

  6. R80 Management is a huge revolution in the product and it will give for sure room for bugs. Whenever a BIG change occurs you will have issues.... (remember R76 release?). Still, people will adopt it shortly because of its new and cool features. It just got better, faster and way ahead of the competition. Try it and you'll see! Do not fear...
    Regarding troubleshooting, I agree that R7x will last for several years, so it's worth to do it :)

    1. that is exactly what i have in mind. just need some private time though.