Sunday, October 4, 2015

Who is making 1100 appliances?

In August I was looking into manufacturers of Check Point 61K and 41K chassis and blades.

It is time to look on SMB appliances.

In 2014 Check Point has introduces 600/1100 series that came to replace SofaWare SMB appliances also know as VPN-1 Edge or Safe@Home & Safe@Office.

The whole love-hate story of Check Point and SofaWare is dramatic by itself, with several law suits and final out of court settlement. But I just want to look into hardware here.

There is no doubt that HW for 600 and 1100 series is manufactured in Taiwan by Sercomm.

Here is one of SMB business routers from Sercomm:

You can compare these pictures and specs with Check Point 1100 series. 

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