Sunday, October 18, 2015

vsx_util downgrade saves the day

I have had rather bad case of VSX upgrade the last night. Jumping from R65.10 to R77.10 led to disaster on one of two clusters. Once the newly installed cluster member is reconfigured, it comes from boot and then freezes to the point both ssh and console sessions are no longer allowing to log in.

Since we were doing two clusters in one shot (never again, I have noted to myself), rolling back to the pre-upgrade MDS backup would mean losing all the progress done on the second successfully upgraded cluster.

Luckily enough, I have managed to do vsx_util downgrade for the faulty cluster only, saving us at least 4 hours of additional work Saturday night.

This option, vsx_util downgrade, is one of the hidden and unsupported features of Check Point. According to my sources, it works fine for most of the cases, but can also backfire badly.

I cannot recommend it to use, but you may want to know it is there, just in case. I hope Check Point made it official one day.


  1. This is the statement from VSX RnD provided specifically for sk101563 (Rollback single VSX Gateway from R77.20 / R77.30 to previous version) and sk101534 (Rollback VSX Cluster from R77.20 / R77.30 to previous version):

    The “"vsx_util downgrade”" command is NOT supported!
    Several issues are known (which might become critical) when using this procedure - it is still an immature effort to allow downgrade.

    1. Sergei, did you read the last two paragraphs? Just wondering.