Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jokes aside, R80 management is out now

As mentioned before, Check Point has announced R80 to be released "in March".

They delivered. R80 GA materials are available for download. They were originally posted on 31st of March. Well done, Check Point.

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  1. - For object list search tab, sub-menu Services, they got rid of the following columns in the search result when searching a service name or port # and its attributes:

    Match for any
    Session timeout

    To me this was very helpful especially when merging objects with cp_merge utility and duplicate objects; it helps quickly compare objects settings, now we have to edit each object to see its attributes I guess.

    - For object list search tab, sub-menu Network objects they got rid of NAT Properties and version columns;

    Version column was useless but the NAT Properties is very handy especially when dealing with cp_merge and duplicate objects to quickly see which objects are NATted and their NATted IPs

    Over all; R80 is state of the art technology, it brings a great deal of features on the table and there is so much to learn from this product, well done Check Point.

    1. It is too early to say if the changes are for better or not. There are some good ideas in the product, but the actual implementation approach still needs to be proven a good choice.

  2. R80 is a radical and revolutionary new security management product. Please be sure to make use of the Exchange Point @

    1. Hi Don, I admire your passion in promoting Check Point Jive here. I have posted a very technical question there three months ago, still waiting for ANY answer.

      Now, let's talk R80. The product is late, half-backed with old and new infrastructures merged into a hybrid something. It is full of Java code now and almost impossible to troubleshoot because of that.

      I do believe it will get better over time. I only hope Check Point will not burn customers with it, considering it looks much closer to other competitors now.

      Unless you call a radical revolution that new automation API that comes to replace OPSEC. Than yes, I am with you.

    2. Hi Valeri, let us know if you have specific issues with R80 in the Exchange Point, whether it's troubleshooting, finding how to do things, or completing any of your tasks. We are interested with our customers' feedback. The reason why we opened it was to get as much knowledge sharing as possible. The question that you asked there was marked as "answered correctly", so that's why you may have felt like you were being ignored.

      Security Management Group
      Check Point

    3. Thanks; Tomer, I will take a look as soon as I can.