Saturday, December 25, 2010

Important changes in Check Point professional certification

Just before X-mas Check Point has announced some interesting changes in regards to its professional certification.

The changes and updates are introduced through Certified Professional newsletter and apparently not yet shown on Training & Certification page.

To make this long story short, there are some important parts of the announce:

1. All certification exams with Pearson VUE are updated to R71 version, such as CCSA R71 (exam # 156-215.71), CCSA R71 Upgrade (exam # 156-910.71), CCSE R71 (exam # 156-315.71), CCSE R71 Upgrade (exam # 156-915.71) and CCMSE R71 (exam # 156-815.71).
2. VSX certification is not yet updated, R67 VSX exam is mentioned to come soon.
3. Important, all R70 exams will retire by 31st of March 2011. If you are preparing to take them, make no mistake, you do not have too much time.

Finally, CCMA R71 is announced. This is my favorite. Information about this exam is inconsistent. On Check Point certification site there is a document stating that both CCSE and CCMSE R71 are mandatory for the exam. The letter however mentions CCSA/CCSE as prerequisite and CCMSE recommended.

Even more interesting, and I quote:

Check Point Certified Master Architect Certification is available for the first time via our Online Live virtual platform.   Get CCMA Certified from the convenience of your desktop for $1,500.

Does it mean there is no lab anymore? What is this "Online Live virtual platform"? What about previous written exam with Pearson VUE costing $300 extra? Is it gone?

Check Point, we love you for making our lives more and more exciting every single moment.

Anyhow, I will do my best to get more details on this. Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Check Point Experience 2011 event in Europe is now announced.

This year it is in Barcelona, Spain, 4th and 5th of May. Yes, the pic says 3rd to 5th, but if you try to get a calendar invitation from Check Point, you will see that the conference actually starts on 4th.

I am planning to be there. Are you?

What is it all about

Hi everyone!

I have decided to start my professional blog concerning various aspects of network and security products.

I am working as a security specialist for more them 15 years. 8 years of that time I spent with Check Point Software Technologies. This blog will be addressing mostly Check Point related topics.

Here I will be sharing my opinion, ideas and thoughts about Check Point products, tendencies, certification, market trends, etc.