Thursday, June 7, 2018

Malwaretec vs FBI - all shades of grey

There is a new development in the FBI vs Marcus Hutchins case. The young fellow is now facing another charge, about lying to FBI.

Marcus's arrest and detention in USA the last year was widely publicized, and his campaign to raise money for his defence is quite successful.

I do appreciate his lawyer's vigour. There is a huge outcry now about how FBI has no case and keeps adding charges to the case. This is a reasonable strategy, however if we want to see the the real picture, it is also good to hear the other part of the story.

There is of course, FBI's indictment papers, but it is not a fun read, and a very long one. Instead I suggest you reading quite compelling research Krebs did on Marcus the last year. If FBI is half as good as Krebs, I would be concerned about the actual outcome of this case. It seems to me there is no back in white in this specific situation, but lots of grey in too many shades.