Tuesday, December 6, 2016

CP vs PAN - time for big words

I have mentioned in the past Check Point starting a new game against competitors, much more aggressive and less hesitant when it comes to calling names.

It has just got even more interesting. There is a jpeg chart circulating on LinkedIn where PAN is attacked as never before.

 See full size

I could not trace this pic to its source, actually. Check Point people are distributing it as is, without any link to an origin. The URL below its title leads to the old "facts vs hype" page on the Check Point web site. Google search also does not recognise the image yet.

What is interesting here is that several PAN marketing statements are called lies.

In my 20 years in this business I have never seen this word used in a marketing campaign or in a competitive analysis materials. Does it mean someone at Check Point snapped? I am also curious if this is something official, or yet another vague attempt to stay civil while being outraged, like in case of anti-PAN videos in the middle of 2016.

I wonder if this is even something Check Point would be able to acknowledge as its own graphics...

UPDATE: the author of the picture is Nick McKerrall, according to his own words.