Friday, March 30, 2018

Cloud security concerns and ways to address them

It is common today for cloud services to be compromised for months without detection. Remember that Tesla cloud case, where hackers were able to mine moneros for at least a month before being detected? Similar things may happen to others.

Today MyFitnessPal has sent a notification to its users that their accounts are compromised. The hack as discovered five days ago, but the actual hack happened at least a month ago. 150 million accounts are affected.

In light of GDPR coming into effect in May this year, I would expect many companies to review and eventually report personal data breaches more often.

Let's face it: cloud requires elaborate and agile security tools. It is not enough to through an expensive FW on the perimeter anymore to feel safe. If at least one VM or container is compromised, the whole environment is pretty much a goner, unless you have ability to detect and mitigate penetration on time.

Cloud security solution should combine elasticity, effective micro- and nano-segmentation abilities, application integrity control and effective breach detection that would help to avoid a situation when hackers are sitting at your cloud for weeks and months without being detected.

GuardiCore Centra is probably the only one solution today that combines dynamic deception, deputation based detection, effective segmentation technology and unprecedented visibility for virtualised and cloud based data center environment.

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