Monday, August 7, 2017

Capsule Docs on Mac? Forget about it...

Last year I was writing about my rather unpleasant experience around Capsule Docs on Mac. It is time to add another chapter to that story.  

I have made yet another attempt to use the tool on Mac. With my 10.12.6 Sierra machine it fails even more miserable than before. With the latest client (still Alpha, mind you!), I cannot even open a document.

Although I am logged in and even can open the same document on Windows with the same credentials, I am getting "Insufficient permissions"...

How hard can it be, really? What should happen for Check Point to start getting Mac user seriously?

In case you ask, the only reason for me to even touch Capsule Doc Viewer is that Check Point Education Services discontinued paper courseware, forcing both students and instructors to use e-kits with Capsule Docs protection. I will address this subject later on.

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