Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello, Check Point training revolution!

So guys, it's just happened.

With official launch of R75 CCSA course and availability of so-called training blades Check Point has finished reforming the whole training and certification mechanism.

You can get the full details on CP education page, or just see the latest Check Point training newsletter here.

The key points are:

  • Both CCSA and CCSE official training courses are now three, not five, days only.
  • All update courses, both new and old "acceleration" ones are now called Training blades.
  • Core certification (CCSA/E) benefits are valid for two years only.
  • To extend R7x certification benefits for one more year must take two additional training blades.

This scheme may cause some business issues for ATCs, and all training blades for R7x are now directly available from Check Point.

There are only two blades published fro the moment, Application Control and DLP, some others to follow.

Each blade contains 1 hour web-based training, 6 hours of labs and costs $245 only. Web based certification exam is included.

Important: CCSA/E R75 exams are not yet available.


  1. Valeri, I'm a bit confused. I'm CCSE R71. If I take the 2 traning blades, it will extend my CCSE status for 1 year, but will it also "convert" it into CCSE R75 ? Or does it remain CCSE R71 ? Or do I have to take the full CCSE R75 exam to be CCSE R75?
    Or is CCSE just a CCSE and that's it, it's not linked to any version as long as you keep doing blades training to extend it?

  2. you are right, CCSA/E will be valid without being related to any specific version.

  3. can i assume that you loose the right to open cases when you don't extend CCSE certification in time (2 years)? Currently there is no ending date.

  4. That is not true. If you go to your UC account, certification tab, you will see end of benefits date. It was always there.

  5. Valeri is correct:
    1) CCSA or CCSE are not tied to any version any more. For anyone who is already at an R7x version certification, all he needs to do is to continue training by doing 2 training blades when his certification is close to an end.
    2) Not extending the certification will revoke it.

  6. Hi Ronen!

    Many thanks for this clarification